Morachi: “Matchup Your Destiny” hits all the highs!

Born Richie Marvin Chieme Akuba, the son of a preacher in Bariga, Lagos in Nigeria – singer, songwriter, model, and aspiring actor Morachi has emerged with flamboyant style and showmanship to carve out a lane of his own. After a string of successful releases in Nigeria, which impacted the entire continent of Africa, Morachi has set his sights on presenting his lavish outfits, larger than life personality, and a “shock and awe” approach to the USA.

The American Pop culture and music, through the likes of Michael Jackson, *NSync, and Backstreet Boys, is in fact one of the factors that fed his influences. Alongside giants like Bob Marley and Fela Kuti, of course. Looking to transport his ‘Afro-beat and beyond’ sound, into the American mainstream music scene, Morachi has a new album in the works, and has dropped a series of infectious singles, including “Matchup Your Destiny”.

With “Matchup Your Destiny”, one thing is certain: Morachi is driving home the fact that he is miles ahead of his counterparts, and qualifies for a spot in the pantheon of the Afro-beat and crossover hybrids elite.

A few years from now, when we look up the names among those who have been taking the genre to the world, there shall only be a few names at the top of that list. Morachi will be right up there, his story inspiring, his music captivating, and his efforts for the culture trailblazing.

In between his songwriting force, and powerful vocal delivery, when he isn’t pumping his swagger, you can discover motivational wisdom and passion lurking by the side. When Morachi hits these highs, you’ll probably be entangled on the dance-floor somewhere, entranced by his rhythm, bewitched by his melody, and mesmerized by his machine-gun delivery.

It’s a rare feat, and one that happens on “Matchup Your Destiny”, as Morachi meticulously sings and raps his way through the hooks and verses. Witty lines, clever wordplay, a catchy delivery, and a fully packed narrative, “Matchup Your Destiny” has it all.

You are sure to keep repeating this song as it happens to be one of the most outstanding in his catalog. From the moment the track begins, Morachi will lead you on body shaking journey. If you’ve never heard of him, it’s no problem, because you will know who he is by the time the track ends.

Whenever an artist spreads messages that are relatable and empathic, it is a global attention-grabber. As a result, it usually increases the demographic of fans the artist is able to capture. Morachi has that remarkable ability to be both diverse and inclusive in his music.

Furthermore he is able to easily switch between being a street hustler and a ladies man. Always sounding comfortable while spitting fiery rhymes, and singing killer hooks, Morachi never forgets his roots, and is ready to address every issue at hand, as his takes his music into the international playground with fervor and determination.



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