Erøs: “Gemini Venom” engraves the soul in a strangely impossible way

Alternative artist, Erøs was born in UK, but currently resides in Brisbane, Australia, where he continues to build upon his portfolio of music and poetic writing. Passionate about the magic of words – whether it be in books or songs – he took to songwriting at a young age. Building on from the understated acoustic architecture of his debut single, “Unsanctified”, Erøs continues to craft an unobtrusive, poignant and affecting soundscape on his latest release, entitled “Gemini Venom”. The track has been described as a self-portrait of the negative traits of a Gemini and is by extent an ironical slur of self-pity by the singer-songwriter – commenting on his worse traits whilst simultaneously reaching for the sympathies of others.

It is rare to find a song that will impact you in such a way as “Gemini Venom” does. The lyrics are heartfelt and packed with as much pathos as possible which, when coupled with the quiet swelling of the somber melody, produces the largest dynamic of emotion – in it’s under 4 minute duration – you will have heard in a very long time.

This emerging artist, no doubt knows how to connect with his inner self, as well as with his audience, as he delivers a delicate, yet vibrant musical experience. The lyrical poetry of betrayal, lust and pride, dances on the listener’s mind in all of its juxtaposed manifestations. Uncovering a beautiful, talented…and perhaps tortured, soul.

“Pride blinds my perfect sight / Lust binds those who look me in the eye / I’m so insecure so I lie and lie / Even to the mirror, cause why see fangs dripping with venom / When I can see a warped hotel suite view of heaven,” sings Erøs in the verse, closing down the chorus with: “Every time someone lures me close to heaven / I sting them with Gemini venom.”

His words are explicitly dramatic and bluntly direct. It is clear Erøs has an incredible talent when it comes to creating compelling tunes and writing lyrics that not only challenge the mind, but engraves the soul in a strangely impossible way.

“Gemini Venom” has a mesmerizing quality, and is perfect to listen to when you’re on your own. It transports you to another world, especially when you listen with earbuds or headphones. Something about the alternative-electro aesthetic Erøs embraces is magnetic.

“Gemini Venom” is an impacting arrangement in its purest form: where the lyrics and production ease in place, to the point where one listen isn’t nearly enough; even by the third or fourth listen, you’ll still be pulling out lyrical gems that spark the replay button. Erøs’ low and sultry voice also surprises your ears at times, as he shifts the intensity of the tone.

There’s something so image-filled and atmospheric about this record as it really dives deep into the topic at hand. Its evoking presence is candid, intimate, and every inch of it feels just plain authentic. There’s no holding back in the lyrics, and any discerning listener can tell that. There’s something, both so sensual and damned, about “Gemini Venom” that is simply too attractive to be ignored.


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