K-Brown – “The One” – globalist dance music with hints of pop and folk!

K-Brown is a rapper, singer and songwriter based in the UK. He has collaborated with a various artists and producers, and has is set to release his brand new single “The One”. K-Brown’s talent as an artist shines through in his ability to blend different musical genres into his own unique composition. He is obviously very particular about what he wants his songs to sound like. The latest track is a combination of Folk, Pop and EDM workaholic and probably matches the diverse symphonies going on inside his head. The track alternates between calm synthesized instrumentation and evenly paced, clean guitar strumming all embellished with K-Brown’s smooth vocals and mellifluous harmonies.

We’re is likely to see a constant stream of remixes of K-Brown’s work in the near future, as “The One” defies easy categorization, lending itself to many interpretations. It certainly succeeds in pushing electronic music to the next level. His production broadens the bombastic balderdash of the festival EDM sound, as he infuses his globalist dance music with hints of pop and folk.

And whilst it’s a small ray of light amidst a mass of four to the floor compositions doing the rounds, K-Brown is able to raise awareness about the endless possibilities offered by EDM, besides just filling the dance-floor at clubs.

It is perhaps difficult for older house heads to understand, but to his fans, K-Brown has a larger, forward-looking vision. K-Brown is a purveyor of emotive, passion-filled and uplifting motifs, which speak directly to the listener.

His music with all those bright fizzy riffs, the chord progressions, the restrained-verse-catchy-chorus aesthetic, is all precision engineered to evoke an emotional response in the listener. Unlike other electronic artists, K-Brown’s songs aren’t rushed. He lets them breathe. The predictable tricks his rivals use are absent here. In fact, “The One” feels more organic than it does electronically processed.

“The One” evokes the artist’s verity in melody, style, and genre, containing carefully selected harmonies. Simple, yet magnificently composed and beautifully orchestrated, the track has a warm inviting ambiance. Part love letter and part confessional, the song describes a person who is deeply engaged with his sentiments for someone else.

It’s an incredible and joyous whirlwind of love, life, and music. At the end of the day, it’s the beautiful melody and solid pristine groove that makes this song so captivating. The production is clean, clear, and quite crisp, while the synths are absolutely scrumptious.

The hand-clapping-friendly rhythm, is also a defining characteristic.  Basically, what I’m saying is, K-Brown has a slick backdrop to paint with his carefully controlled pipes. And paint he does. Giving a pleasant, tasteful, and never over-sung or over-indulgent performance. “The One” serves as a testament to the artist’s well-tempered abilities.

Something that shines like a beacon throughout the course of the track. K-Brown has created a track with simple yet uplifting poetry that brings the big bright EDM world down to eye-level with its audience. He has managed to find that difficult balance between music that’s easy to listen to, while still crossing over genre boundaries in a unique way.

“The One” is officially available from November 1st. Pre-Save available here: https://unitedmasters.com/k-brown/r/the-one/AqbxtdC3rWts


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