Michelle Jubilee – “Rough Rider” – eloquent and strident!

Currently counting almost 200 credits, and many more still to come, Michelle Jubilee has worked side-by-side with DGA Award winner Tony Adler (American Beauty), director of photography Jon Philion (The Avengers 2010, True Blood, Fast & Furious), and the iconic Robert Rodriguez amongst many others. Yet among all her on-going activities, the award-winning stuntwoman and actress, also finds time to pen new songs for various projects ranging from A&R for indie artists, songs for TV and film, as well as collaborating with producers from across the country.

Her latest effort is the single, “Rough Rider”, produced by Bolivar Way PublishingMichelle Jubilee has one of those oddly melodic voices that works equally well singing something cinematically epic, jazzy or funky, as it does the more currently recognized pop or EDM genres.

“Rough Rider” takes Michelle into the realms of modern pop that still retains a cinematic aura. Her vocals are nuanced, eloquent and strident, as she flows across the luscious, rhythmic soundscape, with a certain amount of swagger and class. Michelle is definitely doing her own thing, as she sings with an effortless tone but still manages to sound passionate and full of emotion.

This track is a gateway into the sheer writing and performing talent of Michelle Jubilee, and lets the listener hear the quality in her vocals as well. Her sultry and movie soundtrack vibe is unlike any other, and I am fascinated by her individuality.

The harmony in the choruses add an extra depth to this song and makes it truly intriguing. The layering of Michelle’s vocals complement one another to build up a final product, as her voice carries a sweet sense of smooth purity, especially when higher notes are hit, boosting the breakthrough point in a song.

Michelle Jubilee has an almost magnetic allure as she uses her voice and a naughty play on words to captivate your attention. And when she slides into rap mode, she can be rather explicit: “It just started drizzling…you’ve got my insides sizzling…with your things stiffening and my skin rippeling, we’re gonna make a moment that’s sure to be riveting…”

Michelle’s tone can change from a persuasive soar to a soothing, seductive chant within seconds; leaving you spellbound and longing for more. Powerful yet limber, she has the ability to dominate an entire track with her voice. Which is exactly what she does on “Rough Rider”.

So what sets Michelle apart? Well I’d argue that she has a more dynamic voice than many of her screaming peers and also employs a more interesting and appealing production. At times she’s uniquely old-school, while perfectly fitting today’s aesthetics.

With that said, there’s nothing typical about the song either. “Rough Rider” fits in, but elevates above, the regular mainstream levels. If one thing is certain, it’s that the best is yet to come from Michelle Jubilee.


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