Roberto Marín Muñoz – “Feel Something Again” – Ready to ignite the charts!

Roberto Marín Muñoz claims to be a relative newcomer to the electronic scene, as he started making music seriously about two years ago. Born in Málaga in the South of Spain, Roberto is a university graduate as Telecommunications Engineer specialized in image and sound technologies. After his studies, he moved to Germany where he found a job in a major company, developing software for graphical interfaces and sound controllers. However his love for electronic music, which he picked up at about 8 years old, never waned. Roberto started going to Ibiza for summer vacations, searching for the source of the music that made him so passionate. As could be imagined, there he discovered great parties and top Deejays and Producers. With his fire now totally ignited Roberto set about studying everything he could find about producing music, and by 2018 started creating his own music.  This year he promised to complete a song every 3 weeks, which he promptly did.

Currently we have Roberto Marín Muñoz’s latest EP, “Feel Something Again” spinning regularly in the player, and it’s an exhilarating piece of music. A full-on melodic foot-stomper with an incessant beat that refuses to give you a moment’s rest.

The vocal feature on this track is among the best you’ll hear in EDM this year, considering that Roberto has chosen to go against the grain using male vocals, instead of the usual dance queen diva stuff.

The track is technically well-developed and the song pulses with a common sense of longing. For love. For the dance floor. For all of it. With enough promotional thrust, perhaps it could even take him all the way up to the desired number one spot.

The new release is a refreshing change of pace for the genre and could garner immediate positive attention. Unlike recent dance hits, void of any emotion or lyrical depth, “Feel Something Again” finds a way to intrigue listeners with catchy production that also acts as an effective contrast to the resonant vocal delivery.

The spritely keyboards, throbbing basslines, and tasteful percussion largely favors the soaring, heartstring-tugging approach of this crossover dance-pop motif. The lyrics themselves are relatable and rousing, in other words, they take you on an emotional roller coaster ride.

Roberto has blurred the lines between pop-based mainstream EDM and club-based bangers. He’s been able to do what few of his peers can, appeal to both. This comes across wonderfully in “Feel Something Again”.

Considering his a relative newcomer to the industry, Roberto Marín Muñoz’s determination to elevate electronic music to an art form is admirable; on this track, his ambition equals his execution, which is the sign of an extremely determined artist.

While only time will tell if the collaboration on depth, “Feel Something Again”, will ignite the charts, the finished product only proves it deserves to. Roberto Marín Muñoz also enters Pop territory with this cut, which could easily expand his range and audience even further. The high production value is there, and it gives an overall grand vision of Roberto as a serious music maker.


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