Love Ghost – “Dead Brother” – maleficent energy in its purest form!

L.A. based rock band Love Ghost, are back with a brand new single entitled “Dead Brother” (release date January 24th) is the new single from L.A. based rock band Love Ghost. Progressing with each passing release, their previous single, “Let It All Burn” made the biggest impact of any of their singles, but this new one is loaded with enough impressive elements to surpass anything they have ever done. The single’s music clip (which was shot by Rob Zombie’s camera operator Hassan Abdul-Wahid, and directed by acclaimed horror actor Jeff Daniel Phillips) has already won Best Music Video awards at 3 international film festivals. The song’s theme deals with horror and psychological terror, painting an evil and ominous picture.

Anything but cheerful, “Dead Brother” ranges from the haunting basslines to the sinister vocal verses and threatening guitars. Slick, enigmatic and captivating, it’s a masterclass in songwriting and arrangement.

Finnegan Bell (guitar and lead vocals), Ryan Stevens (bass and background vocals), Samson Young (drums and background vocals), Nicky Renard (lead guitar) and Cory Batchler (keyboards), shows Love Ghost as a confident rock group.

Their chemistry is much better to the point that I wonder how much stronger they really can get. Love Ghost have evolved, and the current lineup has grown in ability and honed their craft to perfection.

There is no doubting that “Dead Brother” is a Love Ghost track, but what is more evident than anything else is how musically and lyrically mature it is. This is a tremendous record from any point of view. There is true musicality and expertise hidden beneath the overlaying dark audio carnage, which is a horror film transposed sonically. It is not for the faint hearted.

You can’t compare this single to anything else Love Ghost have done. Musically and sonically they have pushed themselves to new heights and it is clear a lot of thought has gone into this track, as well as the music video. The track is maleficent energy in its purest form.

Impressive bass and drums kick off the track, while there is a building sense of anticipation, as the angular guitar and keys welcome in the vocals, and the lyrical story begins: “I killed my brother last night. I stabbed him twice with a knife,” sings Finnegan Bell. And that’s the less scary part.

Bell’s curly vocals cut through the black hearted heaviness, as he croons: “I killed my brother last night. I ate his remains. Thanks for all the abuse, now my screws are all loose.” There is a chilling story being told musically that has to be heard to be appreciated. At some points we are in angst, at others we are disturbed, shocked, moved, surrendered, and held captive by its macabre magnetism.

“Dead Brother” is far more than just a rock song, yet could be simply enjoyed as that. Weaving depth and intelligence with an exceptionally dark aesthetic, Love Ghost sets the stage for a gruesome perspective on life…and death!

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