Ignacio Peña – “Can It Wait” will have a huge impact on listeners

Ignacio Peña is a Puerto Rican rock singer-songwriter, musician, producer, three-time Emmy Award winning video director and editor, and multimedia creator. He has released 3 award-winning albums – with a fourth on the way – and has opened for artists such as Oasis, Neil Young, Rogers Waters, Eric Clapton, No Doubt and Bryan Adams. Ignacio Peña is one of those names many do not think they know, but end up finding out his work is so prolific and broad, they probably do know him. Over the course of his career, Ignacio Peña has proved himself consistently flexible in his art, and conscientiously observant of the world that surrounds him. He’s also produced a raft of superb records along the way.

These recordings truly span the depths of Ignacio’s musical personality, and stand as peaks in his artistic journey. Each contained hints that – one day soon – Ignacio Peña would create his magnum opus. His upcoming concept album “Songs for the Fall of an Empire”, could be that day arriving.

It is a hugely ambitious project detailing Ignacio’s vision of the “history of debt”. Seven songs from the upcoming album have already been released, each carrying its own micro theme connected to the overall collective narrative. In this new collection of songs, Ignacio Peña seems to end with the same conclusion – we have seriously messed up the world we live, in exchange for financial gain.

The latest single release in the series, is entitled “Can It Wait” – a song that examines the atrocity of wars stimulated, ignited and fought with the main purpose of increasing capital gains on behalf of corporations, organizations, and political groups. All this in mind, this is a very organic and wholesome sounding music, not your typical generic mainstream offering.

The overall aura comprises a sound which has its roots in the progressive rock flavors of the ’70s and ’80s. This in mind, the song is far from being stuck in the past, it strides into the future, creating a sonic openness that does not belong to any one era, but spans time.

A dark and mysterious song, wrapped up in a chugging rhythm, and layers of melody and harmony. It is an epic masterpiece, changing pace and feel throughout. Intense, highly emotive, and smoothly mellifluous, the creativity levels on “Can It Wait” are sure to impress.

Entirely captivating, Ignacio Peña’s voice is a perfect mix of grit and silk, as it hovers majestically over the resonating guitars and shimmering keyboards. The vocals manage to add a wondrous sense of beauty to the aggressive undertones that carry out the rhythm. All of this spontaneous energy serves as a kind of ascension that takes us into a much more emotive sublimity embedded in the lyrics.

“Can It Wait” along with the other songs I heard, promise to make “Songs for the Fall of an Empire” a serious contender for album of the year in its class, these songs ooze style and creativity in a unique, yet satisfying blend of vocals and instrumentation.

Lyrics and music combine into a thrilling blend that you just want to keep listening to. Beautiful production, high quality mastering, and sublime musicianship, further make “Can It Wait” a stunning and evocative song that will have a huge impact on listeners.


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