Jack Cahillane – “Echoes” is inspired in every way!

Jack Cahillane’s debut EP “Echoes” is inspired in every way – musically, lyrically, melodically, harmonically, and rhythmically. It is a must have, if you like your music smooth and mellow, yet perfectly resonating and emotional. Cahillane is a Chicago based multi-instrumentalist musician and producer, who specializes in Lo-Fi Alternative Rock. He focuses mostly on guitar and bass, but also plays trumpet, quena, piano and drums, with also retaining skills in mixing and DJing. The music on this recording is exceptionally broader and deeper than what most mean these days by the terms “Lo-Fi”. The recording, engineering, and mastering of the songs are also impeccable – which is absolutely necessary to capture the dynamic range of the tracks on the EP.

“Echoes” is one pleasant surprise after another. There is not one song I ever consider skipping over, simply because each are different. There are instrumental, vocal, and spoken word tracks, as well as electronic and organic instrumentation.

It is an easy 10-minute, 4-track listen, but an endlessly rich and satisfying experience, which obviously leaves you wanting more. Which could ultimately be Jack Cahillane’s principal intent.

Consciously or subconsciously Cahillane’s songs allude to being empathetic, encouraging imagination and wonderment, and deeply reflecting on the essence of existentialism. What transpires from these tracks, for me, is that Jack Cahillane is man that seems to care about a great deal of things. And even though the songs don’t literally say as much, the thoughtful music does.

Cahillane puts his soul into his music. And that happens from the opening instrumental, “Identity”. The gentle piano notes, the subtle underlying percussion, the echoing spoken voice, and the falling raindrops takes your mind far away from its present location. It’s eerily haunting and comforting at the same time.

Musically, Jack Cahillane proves that quieter doesn’t mean less talent, and when he fleshes out the arrangements even more, as on the solid beat of “Breathe”, we get the fuller scope of his intent.

Another simple, yet positively addicting piano line plays throughout, while a spoken voice adds that mysterious dynamic to the song, which runs right throughout the entire EP. It’s virtually impossible to not find yourself switching moods when listening to this song. This is music that genuinely wants nothing more than to alter your current emotional state.

On the title track, “Echoes”, Cahillane clean guitar takes the spotlight, as it complements his smooth and soulful voice beautifully. This is the most accessible and easily recognizable song on the EP, and could easily find a place on mainstream radio.

It’s relaxing, and it covers more ground musically than any of the other songs on the recording, it’s quick and it’s catchy, and you’ll probably find yourself moving to the groove before it’s over. The EP closes with “Roles”, a track for those special occasions, where it’s just you and the world. The song rides on bouncy bass and keyboard motif, while the spoken voice maintains the mystical aura fleeting throughout the EP.

Few artists write such simple songs that are each overflowing with a level of soulful emotion, yet Jack Cahillane seems to do so effortlessly. There’s an art to crafting the kind of music he does. And Jack Cahillane seem to have perfected it, the first time out on “Echoes”!



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