Positive Unity Records Presents: Hamaton3 – “Tomorrow” – a journey through techno greatness!

The sound is precise, driven and melodic, on both the original track “Tomorrow”, and its remix by The Toyman. Its grooves subtly undulating beneath crystalline synths and momentum pushing percussion. Every transition is cutting edge and calculated, and the same could be said about the overall engineering techniques used, as well as the music itself which results from the creative mind of Hamaton3. This is a journey through techno greatness and the massive crowds shortly to be under its spell will be eating up every second of it. The track is due for release on the 1st of June, and Positive Unity Records are running a pre-sale competition in partnership with Loco Surfing to win a New Surf board.

The Toyman

Hamaton3 is a progressive and varied electronic dance producer, primarily breaking ground in the techno scene, but not adverse to house and trance feels. The Toyman got his musical calling to the electronic music scene after discovering the lifestyle in 1998 at Simmons in Gainesville and the various events around Florida, USA. Within 3 months of touching his first turntable he was co-host of one of the longest electronic music shows to be on FM airwaves – The Perimeter on Kiss 105.3. From then he has played a massive variety of clubs and warehouses, from Miami to Milwaukee.

The all-round feeling, the atmosphere, and the sound delivered on “Tomorrow” is truly awe-inspiring. The track and the remix, doesn’t even need a marketing pitch to justify its artistic merit. The track’s progression highlights a deep knowledge not only of the gear being using, but of what makes a good dancefloor groove – the latter is a key ingredient that’s often missing from live techno sets.

Though aesthetically uniform at its core, Hamaton3 drives his techno with a capital T, set to subtly bleep, tunnel, boom, chug, thunder and hammer the crowds into motion. Truly a master of his craft, Hamaton3 will waste no time in getting an audience moving.

The Cover Artwork

The Toyman, on the other hand, searches for deeper, heads-down segments in his remix, hitting dynamically changing intensities and mega-climactic moments. His palate is a mix of classic techno signifiers and an inter-playing of acid synth lines, growling bass motifs and moody tonal sweeps that make for a truly immersive experience.

On top of it all, adlibbing female vocals, dive, swoop and soar adding 3d Technicolor to the mix. Generally, Techno is a hard thing to write about. In many ways, the nature of the style – its eternal thumping kicks, rattling high-hats and swelling synths – opposes general notions of narrative and nuance, ones generally rooted in sharp, detail-oriented attempts at the seemingly endless, overarching explanations of art.

Not so with “Tomorrow”, which seems to exult both narrative and nuance. The obvious differences between the original Hamaton3 version, and the The Toyman remix alone, is enough to convince anyone with a pair of working ears about the differences in narrative and nuance.

Positive Unity Records

“Tomorrow”, offers a techno release beyond the thump and noise, one that wrestles with vocal placement, and layers melody into algorithms and filtered metrics strung out on an evolving backdrop, swelling up with the cathartic crackle of an insistent rhythm. Whether heard through a pair of high quality headphones, or enjoyed on a bustling dancefloor, it really doesn’t get much better than this debut release from Positive Unity Records.

Positive Unity Records is an Independent record label, and an international operation whose founding members hail from Florida, USA and Norfolk, UK. From its conception in 2020, PUR aims stick to the profit for the artist philosophy of its founder Rob Resonance.

PUR is taking its stand as an open and unified approach to the discovery of new artists and as a platform sharing their creativity with the world. Art cannot be rushed, but so much great art never reaches the ears it deserves. PUR’s mission is to close part of this gap and deliver amazing works of positive energy. The works of those that would otherwise get missed, or hidden from the world.

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