Lyndon Rivers – One More Night – Upholding the producer’s sky-high level of quality!

Lyndon Rivers’ up-tempo tracks are fun, energetic and groove heavy and always get me smiling and dancing. I’ve heard countless times, as he is one of the most prolific producers around, and each time he was everything I could have hoped for and more. His latest single “One More Night” is no different. The Australian based mastermind serves up a synth-driven, uplifting gem of a production radiating feel-good vibes throughout, which is guaranteed to turn any frown upside down. The airy, sultry female vocals, puts the cherry on top of the dynamic arrangement, which again has all the eclectic Lyndon Rivers twists, stops and starts.

One of electronic dance music’s finest talents when it comes to bold creative production, Rivers is always about thinking outside of the traditional box when it comes to working in the studio. And here he serves us another whimsical and uplifting gem of a collaboration.

In fact, Lyndon’s production techniques just keep on getting better and this track shows that off. You can’t easily recreate this kind of sounds and if you think you can, we would honestly love that you send it to us.

Overlaid by some beautiful vocals and lyrics, “One More Night” brings out those sexy good vibes, even though the world might still seem confusing and weird tight now, while trying to keep us apart.

“It’s just too hard to move when you’re standing right there. It’s just too hard to walk away and leave you like that. Can we give it one more night, just one more night?” croons the vocal diva, leaving you little to no chance of refusing. She’s just too irresistible on the ear.

Right behind the songstress, Lyndon Rivers brings on the power of the synths before going for a total breakdown and a moody bassline. Led by the vocals which give the track a hypnotic intensity, Lyndon’s chord progressions give it an increasingly emotive quality, allowing the listener to truly connect with the music.

Upholding the producer’s sky-high level of quality, while providing another example of the diversity of Rivers’ dexterity in production, “One More Night” emanates a brooding depth.

With an exhilarating intensity that grasps the listener from start to finish, the addictive vocals lead to more than one explosive drop, characterized by unforgiving synths, “One More Night” was certainly designed to provoke a mammoth crowd reaction. It is also guided by sprightly synths which give the track the clear trademark of a Lyndon Rivers original.

As one of the underground industry’s most forward-thinking producers, Lyndon Rivers has built a reputation through his exceedingly diverse yet captivating releases. With so many monumental tracks spread across so many years, the Australian Englishman has built up an impeccable catalog of releases, each unique yet equally resonating.

“One More Night” effortlessly balances euphoric chord progressions with entrancing vocals, culminating in an enchanting love anthem, suited to both main-stage performances and the radio charts.



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