Sven Andrew – “Can´t Wait Till This Is All Over” – a wholly engaging and impacting record!

Nuremberg based artist, Sven Andrew has released the single and video for the song “Can´t Wait Till This Is All Over”. This is the lead single from his album “Created in Quarantine”, written during the lockdown period. The music video was shot in Sven’s rehearsal room over a period of 2 months and shows his activities during the lockdown time. Liberated of many expectations (hit singles, massive record sales), independent musicians can make music that doesn’t follow tired formulas for success.  Now, Sven Andrew isn’t trying to be overly experimental or anything, but he brings a much-needed departure from the banality of mainstream radio.

Yet at the same time, “Can´t Wait Till This Is All Over”, can fit onto any national radio playlist you can think of. Sven Andrew has grabbed the impactful elements of pop, rock and electronic music – a catchy melody, relatable lyrics, soaring choruses, and finely tuned instrumentation.

He lets the music run the show, and allows the song to go where it needs to go, following the imaginative drum beat, rather than the stale rhythm of the radio. Neither genre-obsessed nor intent on totally defying convention, Sven Andrew is the perfect union between electronic pop sensibilities and indie-rock creativity.

Finally, we have a crossover pop-orientated artist that is attempting to take full advantage of the potential of the technology and instruments at his fingertips. This can be seen in the self-produced video clip, and heard in the music production on the single. The musical arrangement is sewn together by the drums and synths, programmed and played deftly enough to command the music.

Lyrically, Sven Andrew minces no words on “Can´t Wait Till This Is All Over”“Everybody’s going crazy. It seems that they forgot what’s important. I don’t know what’s going on lately. The world I once knew looks so foreign. I´m Running outta money, who saves me?” This is an existentially dark record for Sven; not only as a musician, but as well as a human being, trying to grasp the societal turmoil we’ve plunged ourselves into recently.

The music and intricate production that strokes the background of the song’s canvas are extravagantly bright and colorful, but the lyrics Sven spells out, are like cathartic shards of introspection that penetrate the surface of our sensibilities. He puts everything he has on display for everyone to see, like an open book. It makes such artistry, stand out as real, in a time that music is increasing into a larger, and larger divide among listeners.

“Can´t Wait Till This Is All Over” is the sound of memories being made in the middle of tough and trying times, mistakes being admitted to and forgiven, and relishing in the hope that we will eventually find each other under normal circumstances once again.

Behind it all is a strong sense of community. It’s a togetherness that makes every moment feel larger than life as we find ourselves connecting to every feeling Sven Andrew is shouting to us and to himself. This is a wholly engaging, impacting, and undeniably catchy record full of personality and wit.


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