Lovempire – “Goodbye Darkness Hello Light” will make you believe that rock n’ roll is alive and well!

A truly rocking, full-throttle jamboree, “Goodbye Darkness Hello Light” by American/Australian rock project Lovempire, feels like a vibrant jam session of epic proportions. This thrilling live-take sound flows flawlessly throughout the EP, where front woman and project leader Morgan Phoenix, lays it all on the line, for a blended nostalgia-fest of classic and alternative rock that harks back to a better time in guitar-driven music. In fact, on this recording, Lovempire prove that they know what it means to rock without the aid of too much modern studio wizardry; weaving beautiful artistry that they are certain to perform in exactly the same way, in a live concert setting. An original blend of Grace Slick, Stevie Nicks and Chrissie Hynde, whatever the case, just put a microphone in front of Morgan and hear her wail.

The EP kicks off with “Elements”, where the ringing guitars and banging drums lay down the delicious groundwork on which the vocal temptress drops her resonating commentary on empowerment and emancipation from slavery. Lovempire embrace their sound with a fervor that is sincere and truly refreshing, glancing back to a time when rock had soul.

On “Absolution State”, Lovempire continues to pump out raw, unadulterated grit that crosses eras and anchors itself in everything that can be called real rock n’ roll in 2020. For those with soul in their hearts and a need for a bluesy slow burn, “Smoke and Mirrors” will do just fine, with its acoustic intro and moody introspection.

Proving they can fit right in with the big boys, Lovempire’s debut EP provides a fresh vibe of stunningly addictive rock. None more so than on the upbeat “Valkyrie Hearts” which rides the momentum like a runaway freight train. A racing drum beat with a feisty guitar whine is a familiarly great sound, but it’s the nuanced singing of Morgan Phoenix that hits you right in the gut and gives the song that much more life.

But the best is yet to me from Morgan Phoenix, and it punctually arrives on the EP closer, “My Little Bird”. From the warm tone of the twanging guitar and the sheer soul-searching swagger of Morgan’s vocals – which run between a stripped back intro and a bombastic verse – Lovempire will make you believe that rock n’ roll is alive and well. Cruelly, that illusion is abruptly disintegrated after only one minute and fifty seconds. That’s how long the song lasts.

This is the perfect record to blast on your car radio with the windows or the top down all summer long.  Relatable lyrics, solid guitar work, and the power of Morgan Phoenix’s voice will have this on repeat for many.

Apart from Lovempire’s powerhouse vocal presence, the skilled guitar work, and dirty rock edge make them a band that will appeal to new and old rock fans alike. Lovempire don’t thrive on glitz or glam, just primal, hard-hitting rock music that listeners are certain to find exhilarating.

In these troubled times “Goodbye Darkness Hello Light” is meant to be a ray of light that alludes to necessary societal and cultural changes that will eventually bring better times. “I feel the dark times proceeded these times and now this is the adjustment period to bring in a new era,” says Morgan. “We very much needed things to change, and for things to change, things have to change.”


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