Matt Clark – “2:32” strikes an individual touch in today’s world of pop!

The single “2:32” by Matt Clark sounds like a major label mainstream release. It’s a fully polished product, one where the song is infectious, gorgeous, and wonderfully produced. Matt is an emerging pop singer-songwriter from Havre De Grace, Maryland, who has been regularly releasing original music throughout the summer of 2020. a 19 year-old student at Boston College studying pre-med, who swims competitively for their swim team, Matt’s blend of genres, offers a hybrid of pop, hip hop and indie. “2:32” is all at once frustrated, angry, sad and stunningly relatable. If you’ve ever been on one, or the other end, of a toxic relationship, you’ll instantly relate to the lyrics and mood of this mid-tempo ballad, which rides on a beautiful acoustic guitar dominated soundscape.

The nuanced vocals and strummed chord progressions, turn this into something that would make you weak in the knees, even if you tried to resist. “2:32” is a great track for Matt Clark to be introduced to the world with.

His vocals are raw and upfront, and don’t seem to be played around with in post-production. Something they do too much in a lot of new releases, and which kills the immediacy of the connection with the listener.

This rising artist delivers a solid addition to his discography with his sensual aesthetics, powerful vocals, and profound lyrical content on “2:32”. For any new musician, it is crucial to conform to some mainstream musical styles in order to break their niche through the scene.

On this track, Matt Clark infiltrates the land of today’s new wave of pop grooves, taking in all his influences and transforming them into his own captivating blend.

I ran through Matt Clark’s set of songs on Spotify, and once you hear his hooks and warm melodies, you can only wish for more. The bittersweet, melancholy quality of “2:32”, strikes an individual touch in today’s world of pop music.

This track could easily become his opportunity to capitalize on this mesmerizing element, which he delivers gracefully. Matt seems to have an increasing momentum with these types of songs, so when the pace is determined by a slow, seductive groove, his style becomes irresistible.

For me, “2:32” is the epitome of what Matt Clark’s can do with his music and voice, and is exactly the direction he needs to go from here. His ability to melt hearts with his voice and make an entire room sit up and listen, is what will eventually allow him to rise above the noise.

Moreover, what will keep him up there, is his consistency, as Matt actually hasn’t recorded a bad track yet. This is stunning for an independent artist who hasn’t got a label threatening and pushing him to perform at the top of his capabilities. All of which means that he is self-motivated and passionate about his craft.

Matt Clark’s concise catalog consists of tasteful, typical, sophisticated and detailed pop music. After just one listen to “2:32” you’ll already be hopelessly addicted to its heartfelt, slow-burning, and wistful mood. Matt is an excellent songwriter, and an even better performer. His new song “Give What You Get” is coming out August 28th at 7 pm EST.


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