Young Saudi ft. King Mo – ‘Eterna’ – primed for both the radio and the club!

Young Saudi is a Latin American artist from Los Angeles, who has spent his career being on radio stations across the world. He has teamed up with fellow Los Angeles artist, and longtime friend, King Mo to release the banger, ‘Eterna’. Young Saudi and King Mo grab flavors of the Latino and Hip-hop cultures and rebrand them in their own image and, more importantly their heritage. If there is a revolution to be had in the new crossover market, these men have done so by sticking to their guns, and mining their culture’s sonic and social riches. The result is a track with an infectious Latin groove, mellifluous Spanish-language singing, and resonant urban-styled rhyming.

Young Saudi and King Mo make you come to them, with a shared sense of explosive, downright catchy musicality and a brutally propulsive rhythm. Neither man is trying to do outdo the other here, yet each naturally bring their skills to the table.

Young Saudi impresses as he flips between singing and rapping, on a production by Big Rula you could call Latin-laced electronic hip-hop. He lets it all hang out, pushing the track in a forward moving momentum that is as joyous as it is insistent.

The pulsating and synthesized production is primed for both the radio and the club, thanks to the booty-shaking reggaeton overtones. The past few years have proven to be incredibly groundbreaking for global sounds in music, and so elements of la música urbana is no exception to that rule.

Hence radio stations will gobble up ‘Eterna’, for breakfast, lunch and supper. Buoyant and spirited throughout, this track transports me to the white hot beaches and ice cold beers of summer.

The brilliance behind ‘Eterna’ lies in the fact that unlike most feel-good records, which tend to lose their appeal after a few cycles, this track will stand the test of time.

Reggaetón has always stood at the intersection of a multitude of musical cultures, spanning dancehall to reggae, to hip-hop and beyond. ‘Eterna’ picks up on this legacy and extends it into the electronic dance music arena to produce a record that has the sound of a global earworm.

Aware that any language barrier can be overcome by a plethora of hooks and a prevailing rhythmic atmosphere, on ‘Eterna’, Young Saudi sticks to his Spanish between raps and croons, allowing King Mo to bring the English embellishments into the track as an added bonus.

All of which infuses this song with quintessential crossover dancehall and club vibes. By combining their different sounds on ‘Eterna’, both Young Saudi and King Mo have reinforced their appeal in powerful way. If you are looking for something new to heat up your summer play-list, ‘Eterna’ is one track you don’t want to miss.

Connect with the artists on Instagram:  @youngsaudiofficial and @antwion65 and stream the song on SPOTIFY and YOUTUBE

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