Swedish based producer Makalo is on Fire!

We know that it is important to praise music artists for their lyrical and vocal skill, but we need to remember that it is also important to credit the producers. Without the producer, your favorite song wouldn’t exist. In trap, hip-hop, reggaeton and dance music, producers play a key role today. Many artists don’t even write before going to the studio. They walk into the studio, close their eyes as they listen to the beat, go into the booth and turn out a hit song. Some producers seem to have an almost magical touch in doing this – a secret formula that guarantees almost anyone who works with them success. That’s why they are sought after in the industry. One such producer who is currently working his way to the next level is Yugoslavian born, Swedish based producer, Makalo.


Makalo has credits with artists such as Young Thug, Pop Smoke, and DDG, as well as Tonee Marino, and a whole lot of others working in rap, hip-hop and trap music. Like every other top notch producer Makalo has his own secret sauce ingredients which make him unique. In fact his sounds and melodic hooks can be heard in a number of platinum albums. Makalo’s melodic guitar hooks are especially sought after in the urban music game.

During April Makalo’s creative status shot through the roof when he landed a production credit on the hot new single “Envidioso”, by Puerto Rican superstar Ozuna. A quick investigation will show you that Ozuna has over 35 million monthly listeners on Spotify and is followed by over 11 million fans on Facebook.

The music video for “Envidioso” has already clicked up over 22 million views in two weeks on Youtube. Those substantial numbers will no doubt pull Makalo’s brand along for the ride to the top of the charts.

That being said, Makalo is not resting on any of his laurels, and is already hard at work finalizing collaborations with some of Brazil’s biggest producers and artists, as well as some of the hottest stars from the Balkans. Due to contractual obligations, we cannot mention names right now, but the songs involving these collaborations are set to release this summer. So keep watching this space for more details, as soon as they arrive.

Sample Pack

In case you’re wondering if Makalo only works with superstars, the answer is no. The Swedish based producer also crafts and releases, loop and sample packs for all interested parties who may need them. “My total aim and focus is to sell the best samples I have and do my best because I see them as an investment,” explains Makalo“That’s the difference between my packs and a lot of other royalty-free packs. They keep their best melodies to themselves and their own beats.”

Makalo’s available works include his popular sound pack out, entitled “Sounds of Makalo Vol. 1”, which contains 147 Melodic Trap and Reggaeton samples in WAV format. It also includes various one-shots, FX, drums, and other percussions etc., totaling a sum of 205 audio files.

“Sounds of Makalo: Deluxe”, is another popular sound pack, and a continuation of the previous release. This pack also features Makalo’s signature guitar melody sounds, which are highly sought-after by the hip-hop and trap markets right now.

Makalo’s latest melody sample and loop pack, is called “The Blueprint – Makalo Samplepack”, which is receiving a lot of attention from the USA and Latino markets.  Check out the credits on your favorite urban artist’s release, next time around, you might just find Makalo’s name among, as his brand is currently on fire.

Connect with Makalo on INSTAGRAM and find out more about him at his WEBSITE

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