SIR-VERE – “SINGULUS” sounds genuinely exciting and unpredictable!

“SINGULUS” is not an album to simply commute to work to. This recording demands to be experienced at full blast inside a massive environment, where the wonders of the kaleidoscopic beats, designed by collective SIR-VERE, fill out your senses, mapping out a sonic journey into the unknown.  The band use their hyper-flexible music to suggest realities, fantasies and to tell legitimate stories across a background of energetic, explosive and banging beats. They shift from breakbeats to industrial, techno, and house, dropping in soaring vocals and screaming guitars at will.

No matter how impressive SIR-VERE’s ever-morphing futuristic blend of textures, rhythms and motifs become (and their ear for sub-genre transition is highly impressive) there is still something brilliantly, and unescapably classic and vintage-sounding about the whole affair. It’s the same sonic aura you derive from releases by the likes of the Chemical Brothers, The Prodigy, and LCD Soundsystem. The retro-futuristic vibes always feel entirely appropriate.

SIR-VERE is a band that draws on its strengths, and they do so from the opening track, “Hunger”, featuring vocalist, and new band member, Ian McEwan. Built on an insistent beat that relentlessly drives its way into your brain, the track is a dark and haunting soundscape unleashing bone-crushing guitar riffs and soaring vocal hooks. “Re:birth” throbs and growls within its head-banging beat, and edgy basslines.

A true testament to their skill, SIR-VERE managed to turn their expansive and often aggressive sound into a genuinely enjoyable experience. Each song has several layers of sound overlapping to create an intricate piece of art. “All You Ever Do” bumps and bounces with upbeat electricity, before SIR-VERE turn up the bass and kick-drum potency on “Masquerade”, and then unleash the analog-sounding synths on the stomping “Lips, Pt.1”.

Delivering a hyperactive beat, dirty guitars and squeaky sweet harmonies, “My Mind” runs like a freight train, while the electric riffs and thrashing drums on “Do You Love Me (Anymore)”, heighten the hectic state of energy developed across this album. Intensity and suspense surge through this chunky track, as a heavy rhythm punches through the distorted electronic noise, and chanting vocals.

“Extra Beat In My Heart” delivers a spell of surprisingly bright, pitched-up pop and rock hooks, navigating a slapping head-nodding beat. Twisted synths, another thumping beat, and a gravelly voiced vocal, revels in an acidy atmosphere in “Beneath My Skin”.

A welcome blast of high octane percussive fury underlines “You Me & The Continuum (Drummatics)”, and is somewhat typical of the sinister and eclectic mood throughout the “SINGULUS” album.

Each track on the album is meant to exist as a standalone single, hence the project title of “SINGULUS”. There are numerous point on the album, and on almost every song when all of, the either conciliating, or confrontational sonic elements, thrillingly blend together to create something that sounds genuinely exciting and unpredictable. When SIR-VERE boil all their extensive sounds into it each track’s core rhythm, the results are explosive.

SIR-VERE know what they do well, and ably show on “SINGULUS” that they have plenty of creative fuel to ignite any electronic music fire.


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