Luke Fictitious transcends conventional musical realms!

Take acid rock, mix with some vintage progressive flavors, add plenty of psychedelia, with a pinch of tribal music and haunting Gregorian-like atmospheres, and you will still be far from finding the definition of the single, “Mountains Thirty Six and Four Fifths Percent Fanciful”. That Luke Fictitious is an off-kilter, left-field creative, is vividly evident with this musical piece, which features drum samples from Pink Floyd’s Nick Mason, and the YouTube drumming sensation, Sina. A part from uses notes from about 7 octaves of his vocal range – which he transports from extremely low to very high in the choir-like sections – Luke utilizes as much analogue and traditional digital hardware as possible, instead of computer processing plug-ins in his music.

“In my opinion this provides for a more rewarding listening experience,” explains Luke.  The obvious product of extensive experimentation and a refusal to adhere to orthodox and clichéd musical arrangements, Luke Fictitious beats his own creative pathway. This is Bach and Wagner, meeting the Doors and Frank Zappa in the heart of midnight, as the song weaves a hauntingly sinister tapestry of sound that is both delicate and heavy.

“Mountains Thirty Six and Four Fifths Percent Fanciful” is drenched with percussive-driven passages, delightfully supplemented by the psychedelic aura of the keyboards and guitars, giving the whole track a dark, almost spiritual overtones. Luke Fictitious’ remarkably original vocal tones, add in the ‘curiosity factor’, which lends a mysterious and whimsical flavor to the proceedings.

Luke Fictitious is fairly unique because he puts equal emphasis on music, mood and concept. The latter, attempting to be as distinct and original as possible. His creativity and performance aesthetics are not hindered by genre, style, or even mainstream music restrictions and boundaries. Creative originality is almost always challenging to the masses, and “Mountains Thirty Six and Four Fifths Percent Fanciful” is no exception.

However, Luke Fictitious’ intricate, Baroque-flavored musicality is quite simply a delight, and contrasts splendidly with what we’re being fed via the airwaves or on streaming platforms. If you open your mind and ignore the conventional music aesthetics locked in your brain, then Luke Fictitious can really take you somewhere. Somewhere intriguingly unusual. I have a suspicion that Luke’s recordings are more to him than mere music.

Luke Fictitious seems to build his musical existence around densely constructed world’s which in turn, inspire whatever type of music materializes from within. Luke’s constant use of unconventional structures and oddly layered vocals appear as elemental pieces of his musical worlds. After only a couple of listens, it’s an easily acquired notion that Luke Fictitious’ musical existence is in no way one of convention.

Luke Fictitious has an innate craft in designing an immersive soundscape that draws listeners in with the grace of a skilled fantasy author or filmmaker. Each song release, allows Luke Fictitious to transcend into another eclectic musical realm, somewhere in the creative space between, absurdity and musical ingenuity. A space mere mortals hardly dare go to anymore, in an era of copy, cut and paste music.


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