Annah Marcelle – “Monster In My Mind” will resonate with many!

Annah Marcelle is a 17-year old singer/songwriter who has been writing lyrics and music for 4 years and started recording over the past 10 months. She has released an album and a series of singles, including her latest track, “Monster In My Mind”, which she describes as a song she did for fun, and does not in any way represent her feeling about anyone: “I wrote and recorded Monster in My Mind on June 23, 2021. I call it my ‘angry’ song because the lyrics are a lot more edgy than most of my other songs. I wanted to try something a little different,” exclaims the singer-songwriter.

Impassioned with a talent for a music since a young age, Annah Marcelle is a unique artist with a unique vision. Releasing her debut less than a year ago, Marcelle has grown creatively and profoundly, in extraordinary ways since then. In an atmospheric state, the music flows into “Monster In My Mind” with layered vocals dressed in understated emotional commotion and hypnotic percussion.

“You’re so irritating, because you’re so ever-changing, and I used to love you more than I loved myself,” are the words which launch the song.  True power comes from Marcelle’s vocal ability and the music thereafter. “Monster In My Mind” offers listeners a front seat to Annah Marcelle’s talent. Delivering beautiful artistry and poetry for the mind and soul, it is clearly a piece that beckons to be listened to from start to finish.

Annah Marcelle is proud, personal, and exceedingly pleasing in what she does. “Monster In My Mind” is an extremely smooth ride with no turbulence or unnecessary distractions, full to the brim with an entrancing instrumental and warm, comforting vocals that glide through at a measured pace. The moderate but insinuating tempo and controlled musical ornamentation makes for a deeply reflective space, as Marcelle addresses her narrative, with nuance and sentiment.

“Monster In My Mind” is at once sonically gratifying, and, to an extent, musically ambitious. But it is the authority of Annah Marcelle’s performances which propels it to heights that the song aspires to reach. Remarkably, it’s never jarring, and the fluid nature of the song’s transmission makes the record feel like a warm caress, regardless of its afflicted lyrical concept. The song soars at its own pace, and flows like a written diary.

The qualities of “Monster In My Mind” are clear to see. It will rightly be commended for its strong lyrical statements, and appealing musical content which will resonate with many. Quite simply, a while back, Annah Marcelle wanted the power to define herself through her music. Only a few months later, she is already succeeding brilliantly in that task. Marcelle is steadily finding her own space and voice. It won’t be long before she reaches and surpasses many of her peers.

Allowing an important perspective on the afflictions of toxic relationships, “Monster in My Mind” is lusciously written, arranged, produced and performed. It was mixed and mastered by Gil Kline through GoodPeeples Studio.


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