Raven Paradox – “Green Mountain” – Everything sounds perfectly measured!

Mike Bar is the musician and producer behind the solo project Raven Paradox. Starting out his journey as a guitarist years ago, and after playing in various bands, Mike eventually started producing his own music and transformed his musical persona into Raven Paradox in 2019. He forges his creations from Nu Jazz, Trip Hop, and Electronic Chill-Out Music. On the 30th of July he released his latest single, “Green Mountain” which reached 10k streams in 3 days and has also been featured on BBC introducing radio show for unsigned artists.

“Green Mountain” integrates all the smooth elements in his oeuvre to date, showing how Raven Paradox can paint a myriad of musical pictures while still remaining in an easily identifiable sonic sphere. Shimmering guitars, persuasive percussion and warm keys drive the track into a subtle groove intense enough to make you nod your head vigorously, and cool enough to not make you lose it. The balance between mood tempo and tone is vital to the mix.

That “Green Mountain’s” bundle of instrumental ruminations and influences can mesh without being exhausting or boringly repetitive, is a testament to Raven Paradox’s chops. Everything on this track sounds tasteful. The beat is crisp and crunchy, the keys are tight and catchy, the basslines are deep and wobbly and the brass floating above it all takes center stage on the occasion. Everything sounds perfectly measured.

To have something that sounds faultless, sublime and flows together effortlessly, is a rarity nowadays, when bombast seems to rule the roost. The song, though fairly linear in composition, also demonstrates an emotional tone so passionate and meaningful that you are drawn closer into core.

“Green Mountain” sees Raven Paradox at his peak, with the track being simultaneously quick and easy to digest, while also having the depth and richness of an epic piece of instrumental music.

Every moment subverts your expectations, whether it is the melody, arrangement, chord progression, percussion, or even the brief moments of brass. Each element unfolds and flourishes in a similarly chill, soulful and laid-back way. Raven Paradox’s ability to intricately weave elements of jazz, electronica and chill-hop into an arrangement that shuffles and sparkles, suggests a superior talent with a forward-thinking vision.

What we end up with here, is four minutes of highly melodic, expertly arranged, texturally grooving music that sounds distinctly of its creator. Raven Paradox is right in the pocket on “Green Mountain”, his aesthetic percolating in a mesmerizing blend of shuffling rhythm and an astute carousel of instrumentation.

The final surprise comes at the end, when the song cuts out before you expect it to, abruptly finishing it’s course while still running through its groovy atmosphere. But that may just be part of Raven Paradox’s restless creative vision.


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