Lorelei Roux – “New & Improved” promises to be a fantastic double album!

Lorelei Roux is an American songwriter, composer and multi-instrumentalist producer who currently resides in New York. In just under a single month, Lorelei has burst onto the scene with 4 single releases, international FM radio play and thousands of new followers. She drops her 16 track double length debut album, “New & Improved” on December 23, 2021. Lorelei’s music reflects a dazzling array of compositional approaches, from the most futuristic music-making to the most personal expression of sentiments. The stories of these songs are multilayered. On one level, there’s the technical process through which each song took form, on the other, there is her changing emotional states which propel the compositions.

The album supposedly captures glimpses of Lorelei Roux’s life for an entire year, starting in September 2020. “Each song represents a different aspect of my journey during this time. In short, it is a dedication to someone very dear to me at a most pivotal time of existence,” explained Lorelei in a recent interview. The artist’s scope and influences have seemingly seen no bounds in order to create something as challenging as this album.

Interesting ideas, elaborate sonic conceptions and unique sound samples make for a wonderfully contrived and individual set of songs that we managed to lend our ears to. Discovering that influences such as Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Katy Perry, Johnny Cash, Misfits, and Slayer, were all in Lorelei’s orbit came as a positive surprise, considering her manipulation and diffusion of electronically driven music.

The four songs we listened to, documents a creatively fruitful time for Lorelei Roux – who can be described as one of music’s curious explorers. These songs captures how, in the 21st century, art, technology and life don’t simply collide; they meld to make whole engaging narratives. The first track we came across, entitled “Go”, immediately confirmed that Lorelei is a superb musician and her music is lush, layered and full of wonder and richness.

“Go” is driven by insistent growling basslines and blazing synths, underscored by a thumping drumbeat. It sounds like familiar high-energy EDM but with some lovely instrumental twirls to it. Where things really spice up though is when you look beyond this dance-driven track.

Lorelei Roux has taken really specific elements of her catalogue of sounds and melodies and worked them in superbly genius ways on “You Left Me Dry”. Atmospheric, brooding and mysterious, this track mesmerizes the senses.

Chill, ambient and soothing, “Unstoppable” showcases lavish echoes and production to make it even more dramatic and cinematic. Its Lorelei Roux attention to detail that really drew me into this musical piece.

The track is so creatively weaved to make so many sounds bleed into one big, but gentle sonic sweep, you simply cannot miss the beauty of it. It contains phrases of music that change and grow into something that is quite stirring and moving, as it all just falls effortlessly into place.

“Sweat” is an upbeat, four-to-the-floor house track full of rich synth arpeggios that flow effortlessly, leaving more to the imagination than words could do. It is full of booming bass beats and the synth motifs are particularly of a genius fashion.

It crams in so much and pulses so quickly you’ll be helpless not to be pulled in by its crazed world. Inspired and catchy. All-round, Lorelei Roux strides into diverse musical territory on these tracks. She takes what she does best and runs with it, making beautiful things happen along the way.

Based on these tracks alone, “New & Improved” promises to be a fantastic double album that will continue to grow on you, long after you’ve first listened to it.


Website – https://www.loreleiroux.com/
Twitter – https://twitter.com/LoreleiSoft
Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/loreleiroux/
YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC215PYn0gdBwBdM2uDvyZOA

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