Wiesinger – All My Friends – A Song from The Heart

How sometimes all you need in your bad times are a few words of encouragement? And when you are fighting to reunite with your loved one, all you need is a song to put you in a good mood. Wiesinger is one artist who tries his best to motivate people through his songs. The artist has released a new song, “All My Friends”, which is a heartfelt message to his fans, who he calls his friends. This song is for anyone who is experiencing tough times being away from their partner or loved one. You will connect with this song and if you don’t cry I will be amazed.

Things You Never Knew

Wiesinger is a rising star, a multi-talented artist who rose up through his original music. He developed a love for music from an early age and formed a pop-punk band in high school which unfortunately broke up soon.

Yet, after being discouraged and ending up having a life threatening manic epirsode, he picked himself up from the ground, gained all his strength, and moved ahead to achieve his dreams. And today because of his hard work and dedication, he has been able to gain thousands of fans worldwide in a short time.

Wiesinger is a fabulous vocalist as well as a great songwriter. His songs are emotional and packed with messages that can touch the hearts of his listeners. He has a beautiful voice that can express feelings of love, hope, and happiness.

The Hopeful New Song

As the world already knows how Wiesinger tries to encourage people through his songs and so, his new song All My Friends is another original piece that is here to motivate you and help you get through tough times.

He paired up with singer Bethany on this song as it has been inspired by their mutual friend Caris who got married to the love of her life before lockdown and found it hard to fly to her husband because of the restrictions and long borders.

This song talks about the struggles of Caris and everyone like her who is looking to meet their loved one. The song is a hope for better days and waiting for the moment when all the friends can be reunited again.

The song has a message for everyone to never give up on their dreams, to keep on fighting, and to stay strong through all the hardships. Wiesinger has once again succeeded in creating an emotional masterpiece that will surely touch your heart.

Buckle Up for Another Fun Piece

Although Wiesinger’s songs are truly inspiring the serious meaning behind them doesn’t make his work boring. His songs are catchy, and fun and will make you want to listen to them again and again. So, if you are someone who loves listening to motivating songs or if you are looking for a new artist to add to your playlist, then go ahead and check out Wiesinger’s new song All My Friends.

Listen now on all streaming platforms.

‘All My Friends’ By Wiesinger Out Now: zez.am/justinwiesinger

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