Sarah Belle – ‘Quarter-Life Crisis’ – a fierce, yet sensitive approach to her craft!

It would come as no surprise if Miami, FL based singer-songwriter Sarah Belle starts taking over the world with her honest and striking lyricism. With her second stunning single release, ‘Quarter-Life Crisis’, taken from her highly anticipated upcoming EP, ‘Spring’, Sarah is ready for a sensational year. Navigating through fallouts, self-discovery, self-empowerment, and everything complicated in between, she keeps giving us soundtracks to ponder, live and heal with this summer, and beyond. The singer-songwriter’s allure comes not only from her eloquently nuanced voice, but also from the directness of her lyrics, coupled with her warm all-embracing sound.

Most of Sarah Belle’s music manages to hit that sweet spot of lyrical vulnerability and sonic euphoria, rich with earworm authenticity that will surely resonate with listeners. It’s a balance only the most gifted artists are able to hit consistently. ‘Quarter-Life Crisis’, certifies Sarah Belle’s second time in a row. The song is a perfect example of why Sarah’s music speaks to so many, as it serves up pure, unadulterated catharsis.

Sarah wrote ‘Quarter-Life Crisis’ after moving from a small town in Virginia to the big city of Miami to attend college and pursue her music career. “I wrote this song feeling incredibly lost, confused, and struggling to find my identity in a big city. Music has always been a way for me to try to make sense of the world and create beauty from chaos, and that’s exactly what this song did for me,” explained Sarah Belle.

Revealing her anxieties and struggles with the aforementioned changes, Sarah Belle works her way through its inevitabilities and consequences, but not before showing us the heavy impact, the human relationship factor has on all decisions – both good and bad – we make in our lives.

“I love my friends but I’m always alone. I love my parents, but cancel flights home. I’ve forgiven you for not being the way I wanted you to be. All I ask is you do the same for me,” sings Sarah, making her thoughts clear.

Sarah Belle is an artist with so much to say. Love, loss, pain and other emotional struggles are by no means new songwriting subjects, but the unwavering candor with which she discusses them in her songs, makes it difficult to turn away.

Sarah’s honest storytelling instincts are what elevate her music beyond the simply good pop songs. She belongs to the wave of elite singer-songwriters demanding their rightful place in the mainstream consciousness.

Sarah Belle has mastered the art of engaging with audiences, due to her lyrical and musical content being wonderfully – and often painfully – relatable for many. Her gorgeous and devastatingly effective vocal delivery conjures up a mesmerizing spell as it unpacks her narratives.  She is a dynamic and wholly committed creative force, with a fierce, yet sensitive approach to her craft.

‘Quarter-Life Crisis’ is another powerful single release that will in no doubt be held in reverence for its musical deftness, as well as for its honest personal purification processing. Although she has struggled with all the changes in her life, Sarah Belle has nothing to hide, as her songs allow listeners to break down and build themselves back up with her.

OFFICIAL LINKS: – IG: @sarahbelleofficial – YouTube: Sarah Belle – Spotify: Sarah Belle

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