ReachingNOVA is “Becoming Timeless”

Since hearing about the release of “Becoming Timeless”, I have been proclaiming that ReachingNOVA would be releasing a contender for album of the year, only possibly contested by less than a handful of major label releases. The minute I pressed play on the opening track, “BYOU”, produced by ReachingNOVA, in collaboration with Geo The Architect, it left my confidence intact that this album would be nothing short of impressive. The album is beautifully scored and thoughtfully woven together, and is clearly intended to be listened to in order as the songs flow from one to the next and with a plethora of beat and flow switches in each track.

Listening to the 43-minute album brings you on a journey and does not waste a beat. The 12-song project does not allow for one single skip. Each song serves a purpose, contributes to the journey and still has the replayability to be added to playlists, and listened to within a shuffle.

The versatility and creativity on this album is top tier, as ReachingNOVA and Geo The Architect share production duties on a number of songs, while also calling in a selected number of features to add more luster to an already stunning recording.

ReachingNOVA has been, and remains, ahead of the game and at the forefront of this continually evolving genre. He maintains raps core skills and classic elements while always moving forward with his ideas. The project is full of emotion, grit and vibe, while exploring a wide range of topics and styles. The lyricism, along with ReachingNOVA’s mastery level flows are consistent and add to what keeps the body of work ahead of the pack.

The title track, “BECOMING TIMELESS” which features an excellent collaboration with Siphiwe slaps and bangs within in a heartfelt container. “WITH YOU” ft. Cilla Ramos, rolls out raw and soulful performances, while “I WONT LET YOU GO” ft. Karrey, rides on a shuffling, booty-moving Afrobeat groove. All of which brings to another highlight, entitled “CELEBRATION”. This is a high-energy track built on a maximalist template and euphoric flows.

These opening tracks are prime examples of the vast range of flows ReachingNOVA is able to incorporate and seamlessly switch between. His ability to be futuristic and unlike his peers while mastering so many integral classic skills that come with rap at its core is what makes ReachingNOVA a much more compelling artist than many of his creative counterparts. He immediately demonstrates this in the stunning back-to-back triad of tracks, “CASH N NOVA”, “THE HIP HOP ADVOCATE II” and “COME UNDONE”.

ReachingNOVA’s blend of inspiration from classic acts and new age creativity carves him a space as one of the most talented rappers in the game. By the time he slips into the emotion-packed “FINDING PEACE” and the soulful ambiance of “NO LIMITS”, it is clear that ReachingNOVA has greater ambitions in mind, and the amount he achieves in these spaces is staggering.  For any upcoming artist, this is a masterclass in blending catchiness with meaningfulness, where substance meets style.

“FOR YOU” is in full-on cinematic mode, where a luscious backdrop meets a slapping beat, while being gifted with ReachingNOVA’s evocative writing and nuanced performance. At his best, ReachingNOVA is a purposeful writer, and a forceful rapper, all of which he unpacks on the beautiful closing track, “REACHING FOR THE STARS”.

Across this entire album, the vastness of ReachingNOVA’s ambition is openly apparent. He’s not just changing his production, or his flows, but also his entire approach to making music, which has now become timeless!

Find out more about ReachingNOVA, and do not miss out on “Becoming Timeless”. This release is available on streaming services and his website.


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