Ron Hamrick – ‘Another Bottle Of Wine’ – The refined art of simplicity!

Ron Hamrick releases his latest single “Another Bottle of Wine”. “It’s a fun song with a tongue-in-cheek solution for solving life’s problems,” says Ron. “It’s intended to put a smile on your face when things are not going quite right.” For those still not acquainted with the singer-songwriter who grew up in Michigan, Ron has a career that spans decades and includes multiple Top 10 Billboard hits to his credit. He studied classical music as a youngster and formed his first band at the age of 14. Ron penned his first hit in 1967, and was inducted into the Michigan Rock and Roll Legends Hall of Fame in 2011.

Artists like Ron Hamrick are the emotional arrays of society in any given time and place. They are the barometers, reflecting and cataloging our deepest concerns and fears, as well as our greatest joys, and just about anything in-between. Ron scrutinizes everyday life occurrences and turns them into accessible and easy on the ear songs, with just enough subtle wisdom to catalog in your cupboard of lessons learnt.

Ron Hamrick’s vision about the more common than not, nature of affronting personal struggles is sincere, and his wit is sharp, biting and humorous, in a record that speaks to our psyches rather poignantly, and surprisingly free of judgement. “Well it’s been a bad day and I got troubles on my mind. Everything has gone wrong and I wish that I could hit rewind. I’m down in the dumps, but I’ll soon be fine. I’m gonna kick back and ease my mind. All I need is another bottle of wine.”

It’s not just the words and enchanting melody from “Another Bottle of Wine” that bring a calming feel-good vibe over the listener, despite the upbeat rhythm. It’s Ron Hamrick’s disposition, his singing style, and the production of the record. It’s worth remembering that Ron’s earwarmng singing voice is every bit the vital instrument to his music that the keyboard is. Nothing is overwhelming or superfluous. In his later years, Ron has really perfected the soulful register and style of his voice.

“Another Bottle of Wine” has an adult contemporary, Americana radio feel to it that should appeal to a wide audience. As is the case with most master songwriters, Ron Hamrick uses his songs to intimately tell his own version of stories, events and aspirations, while imparting common awareness and seeking to entertain simultaneously. Now, Ron is in a unique position, having reached the phase in his career where he can do just about anything he wants without succumbing to the anxiety of up and coming artists.

This allows his songwriting and performances to be comfortable and considerate.  Ron Hamrick continues to work from multiple musical angles while also bringing into focus perhaps the greatest of all the skills he’s cultivated over the years: his ability to translate his craft into easily grasped expressions. Such in fact, is the case with “Another Bottle of Wine”, where the refined simplicity of Ron Hamrick’s writing comes through fully.

Twitter: @RonHamrick
Instagram: @ron.hamrick

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