Matt Sidwell – “Let’s Talk About Love” will appeal to everyone!

Listening to the album, “Let’s Talk About Love”, you’ll discover that singer-songwriter Matt Sidwell is a bit of a musical chameleon, you never quite know what he’s going to do next. The seven tracks contained within the project, jump from EDM, to hip-hop, pop and alternative rock. Sidwell has conceived an album, perfectly balancing his style variations and strengths to produce a little masterpiece that is as exceptional as its creator. It is a colorful, multi-genre recording. Matt Sidwell’s one-of-a-kind style mash-up and sheer knack for musicality stand out from most other musicians in the business today.

Matt Sidwell’s has a beautiful, bell-like vocal tone that is able to ring out loud and clear. It is jaw-droppingly flawless and powerfully. Every single song he performs on seems to find something to make it great. No track sounds the same, and in each one, there is some kind of element that will appeal to everyone. The opener, “Just Go” is one such song that throws the listener into a world of swirling, pleasantly seducing musical color. Resonating lead vocals collide with airy harmonies and a strong, rhythm-driven verse and chorus.

“Let’s Talk About Love” hauls out the choppy electro synths and a bouncy beat. On top, Matt Sidwell constructs an earworm melody.  The vocals dance on the ears, as the song presents itself as intensely wonderful, distinctive and uplifting.

Sidwell’s impassioned vocal performance dominates the industrial bang of “Nympho”, which runs on a relentless beat and a rumbling bassline. The singer shows his knack for relaying catchy, relatable songs that easily highlight their beautiful attraction.

“Do You Understand” escalates on jangly guitars, slapping drums and an infectious melody, majestically executed by Matt Sidwell. The song captures the joy and excitement of love and hopefulness.

It’s just such a flamboyant and groovy arrangement that it will make you want to get up and dance all over whatever room you’re in. This is followed by the steady throb of “Dumb In Love”, featuring Sidwell’s soaring vocal stylings. It’s an incredibly beautiful vocal track and one you’ll come back to often.

Matt Sidwell also does an amazing job with more dramatically darker tracks like “All We Are”. He taps into some deep feelings while the production relies on a slower strutting beat and skittering, trap-like hi-hats. The pace picks up again on “One More Time”, where Matt Sidwell offers another superlative vocal performance, flipping between wistful intimate passages and full-throated bellowing.

There can be no doubt that Matt Sidwell’s voice is the centerpiece of this album, as he demonstrates his genuine affinity for a number of modern music styles. The songwriting and Sidwell’s ear for infectious melodies are not far behind either. The result is an album where there isn’t a single song you would skip. Not many albums can wear that medal.

It feels refreshing to hear an artist take responsibility within their music and put their talents out in the open, in a number of styles. If Matt Sidwell was trying to prove his legitimacy as a real, respectable singer and songwriter, he has achieved that tenfold with “Let’s Talk About Love”.


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