Maini Sorri – “Just Let Me Sing” – delivers a big boost of serotonin!

Maini Sorri is a Swedish-Finnish singer-songwriter who has been composing music since childhood. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree and has studied piano, music theory, and composing. She has released 6 albums, 3 extended plays, and 23 singles, and has performed her music on Radio and Swedish TV. Maini has two songs in Rock on Neon Radio’s Top 1000 Songs of All Time. She has also collaborated with American rapper Magneto Dayo and their single “Blue Song” stayed on the National DigitalRadioTracker Top Charts for 11 weeks in 2014. Maini’s rock single “Lost Love” is featured on the 50-song soundtrack of the video game “The Metronomicon: Slay the Dance Floor,” released in 2016.Her techno single “Let Me Do Your Time” spent 9 weeks on the most-sold tracks list DigiListan of Swedish Radio 2011.

Maini Sorri – Photos by Johan Zetterlund

Maini Sorri’s new single “Just Let Me Sing” is produced by Sundown Sessions Studio in Nashville, USA, with Grammy and Juno-award winning producers and world-class musicians and engineers that have worked with artists as Bruce Springsteen, Rihanna, Stevie Wonder, Neil Young and many more.

The new single, which features music by Maini Sorri, and lyrics in collaboration with Gary Cornman, will be released on February 1st. When Maini digs deeper into her pool of talent to write something more uplifting and positive, the results are stunning and give us a glimpse of what she can do.

“Just Let Me Sing”, perfectly encapsulates the project’s thesis. Maini Sorri has an unerring ear for pop hooks, and she’s a strong songwriter, which allows the song to flow naturally with effortless ease. The music is built around an organic foundation of shimmering guitars – both acoustic and electric – and airtight percussion.

The music matches her gorgeously mellifluous vocals. The song is nestled in brightly colored tones, which highlights Maini’s formidable talents as a top-shelf tunesmith and songstress.

The single cover

Maini Sorri and her collaborators have created a joyous track that will pull you into a good mood. Filled with a great melody, a catchy rhythm, solid lyrics, and strong vocals, “Just Let Me Sing” is a sincere effort from the singer-songwriter. Maini’s voice is warm and feels like a hug when she starts to sing.

The reason I believe that “Just Let Me Sing” is good, is because of Maini Sorri voice alone. There are no mistimed vocal inflections, nor weird phrasing that jeopardizes the simplicity of the track or feel annoying. Moreover, there is a sense of confidence and potent songwriting that sticks out and does not seem to be let go. The straightforward, from the heart lyrics, and very good organic instrumentation simply lends to the song’s strengths.

In every song Maini Sorri performs, her unique voice shines through, but this particular song shows a more natural, yet expanded version of her range. “Just Let Me Sing” is the type of song I would play with the volume up and the windows down in my car.

Although it’s under 3 minutes long, the track still provided me with a big enough boost of serotonin throughout the entirety of its duration. “Just Let Me Sing” dispenses Maini Sorri’s unconditional joy magnificently.

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