ARTIC BABA drop their new single “You” on April 14th!

The project ARTIC BABA was launched  in 2020 by the will of childhood friends, Luca “Jolu” Iosca (rhythm and lead guitars, backing vocals) and Angelo “Ngl” Sasso (rhythm and lead guitars, backing vocals). After numerous experiences with other bands, they decided to start a new project to unleash their creativity. In 2021, the lineup was completed and with the arrival of Alessandro “Alen” Nordio (bass guitar, backing vocals) and Romualdo Del Buono (drums). On January 14, 2022, the band released its first single “Mr. Crazy”, which was followed by “Onde Radio”. On April 14th ARTIC BABA will drop their brand new single, entitled “You”, which is a love song with a twist.

Say what you will about Artic Baba, but their tried-and-true alternative rock formula has yet to fail. “You” is everything an Artic Baba fan can expect: clever and powerful lyrics, catchy sounds, a deeply thoughtful theme, and a strong interpretation, both vocally and musically. The strong and consistent storyline creates a whole intriguing world where fans will get lost, find themselves, get lost again…and maybe find themselves once more.

The lyrics of “You” by Artic Baba are enigmatic, offering a mysterious conflicting quality that leaves room for interpretation. At its core, the song seems to be about the transformative power of personality conditions and the way it can consume and overwhelm us.

The repetition of “you” throughout the song emphasizes the central role of the ‘other’ person in the narrator’s life, highlighting their importance and the way they dominate their thoughts and emotions. The phrase “just imagine me without you” underscores the dependency and need for the ‘other’ person’s presence in the narrator’s life.

The song also suggest a desire to influence and manipulate the ‘other’ person, even if it may be harmful to them, which adds an element of danger and risk to the relationship. There are hints at a lack of communication and understanding between the two parties, despite the strong feelings involved. This could suggest an underlying tension or conflict in the relationship that has yet to be resolved.

Overall, the lyrics of “You” by Artic Baba offer a complex and intriguing exploration of the power dynamics and emotional intensity of a conflicting love-hate relationship, be that relationship with another person, or with your ‘other’ self.

There are elements of mystery and ambiguity that allows the listener to interpret the lyrics in many ways. The song achieves everything a powerful track should and stands out as Artic Baba’s best and most intriguing work yet.

The song hooks itself right into your mindset and latches on for dear life, because there’s no way it will let you off easily forgetting it. Between quieter introspective verses and crunchier guitar driven choruses that soar, the production and arrangement on “You” are imaginative and interesting, with a creative use of organic strings.

The songwriting is tight and focused, with each instrument and vocal line contributing to a cohesive whole that feels both immediate and timeless. Artic Baba have taken bold decisions and grown their sound in an exciting direction.


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