Electronic duo Copamore surprise with the full-fledged rock track “Overdue”

European producer and DJ duo, Copamore, has been causing a stir in the music scene with their electrifying hits such as “Walk A Mile”, “Ciribi”, “Stand Together”, and “Breeze”, among many others. The duo comprised of brothers Michael Schaller and Thomas H. Schaller, have made a name for themselves with their signature electronic dance music sound. But just when fans thought they had Copamore figured out, the duo surprised them with their latest release, “Overdue”, a full-fledged rock track that showcases their versatility as musicians. Mike and Tom have been making music since they were kids, with Mike learning to play guitar in the 80s and Tom composing melodies on the piano. Despite taking different career paths, their shared passion for creating music has kept them connected throughout the years.

“Overdue” sees Copamore embrace angular guitar riffs, banging drums, and anthemic vocals, as they pay homage to their early musical influences. With “Overdue”, the due has proven that they can master any sound they set their minds to. The song is already receiving heavy airplay on various radio stations, and it’s not difficult to see why. The track is a powerful anthem that will have fans pumping their fists and singing along.

The infectious, momentum-driving tune is a confident rock n’ roller, packed with euphoric chord progressions and characterized by the strut and pomp that made the 80s the golden age of arena rock. With “Overdue0”, Copamore has taken a step away from their electronic, dance-oriented sound and embraced the raw power of guitar-driven rock. The result is a refreshing change of pace, a joyful and energetic track that reminds us that rock music is still alive and well in the 21st century.

The guitars on “Overdue” are the standout feature of the track, with their sharp riffs and catchy hooks driving the song forward. It’s a testament to Copamore’s skill and confidence that they’re able to pull off a sound that’s simultaneously retro and modern, harkening back to the glory days of rock while still sounding fresh and vital. The soulful soaring vocals are just as vital to the song’s explosive sonic aesthetics.

But more than just a catchy tune, “Overdue” is a statement of intent. It shows that Copamore is capable of branching out and exploring new musical territory while still staying true to their roots. It’s a bold move for a duo that’s known for their electronic dance tracks, but it’s one that pays off in spades. The lyrics of “Overdue” seem to be reflective of the struggles of trying to make it in the music industry, but also the larger struggles of life in general.

The verses and chorus are packed with metaphors that express the feelings of the artists. In the verses, the lyrics emphasize the need to keep moving and not give up, even when life feels like a constant struggle. The repeated phrase “Keep on turning, everything must keep on churning” underscores the importance of perseverance and the need to keep pushing forward despite obstacles. The chorus expresses the frustration of feeling like a small fish in a big pond, as the lyrics suggest that “trying to make it in this crazy game” is a “big ol’ shame.”

The outro is the most uplifting part of the song, as it celebrates the dreamers who keep trying even when the odds are against them. Copamore suggest that although they may not know what the future holds, they’re going to enjoy the journey and strive to reach for the sky. Ultimately, the song is a testament to the power of perseverance and the importance of taking risks and pursuing your dreams.

Ultimately, “Overdue” is a song that proves that Copamore can exist as an all-out rock band in the more traditional sense if they wanted to. It’s a guitar-based outlier in a sea of mainstream synth-driven dance-pop, a welcome reminder that rock music still has a place in today’s music landscape. So turn up the volume and let Copamore’s infectious energy carry you away.

This is one rock n’ roller that’s long overdue. For Copamore, “Overdue” is more than just another single; it’s a celebration of their passion for music and a reminder that their talent knows no bounds. With each new release, the duo continues to surprise and impress, cementing their place as one of the most exciting crossover acts in the music industry today.


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