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Johnathan Whitehorn is a force to be reckoned with in the underground electronic music scene of North Texas. Hailing from the Windy City of Chicago, he found his musical home in Denton, where he crafts his soundscapes in the comfort of his apartment while pursuing his studies at the University of North Texas. Whitehorn’s passion for music started as early as the fourth grade, where he began picking up a range of instruments, including percussion, piano, guitar, bass, and eventually, delving into music production around eighth grade. Initially, he wanted to create hip-hop music like the artists he listened to, but as he explored more influences, he took his music production in a myriad of different directions, culminating in his unique sound today.

Johnathan Whitehorn’s experimental Hyperpop style, has managed to find a discreet success. However, he didn’t stop there. Whitehorn also created an alias, called p3rsona!, which serves as his production/beat project and has capitalized on the rise of Dariacore, a subgenre of Hyperpop. Dariacore songs are known for their hardcore dance and Jersey mashups, featuring an attitude that is difficult to replicate in any other form.

Hence, it’s clear to see that Johnathan Whitehorn is a true musical visionary, constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the underground electronic music scene. With his impressive range of instruments and his passion for music production, he has created a sound that is uniquely his own, finding success in the Hyperpop genre and branching out into subgenres like Dariacore with his p3rsona! project.

The singles “twentyone” by Johnathan Whitehorn, and “rip goop-roy.mp3” by p3rsona!, unpack two distinctly opposite sides of the same coin. The song “twentyone” is a poignant reflection on the struggles of growing up and feeling like an outsider. The lyrics are raw and honest, depicting the artist’s feelings of loneliness and frustration in a way that is relatable to many listeners.

In the first verse, Whitehorn expresses his discontent with his life, feeling like he has no friends and that everything is working against him. He is envious of his peers’ success and wonders when he will have his turn. The imagery of sweating through his sweater and getting mad over tiny letters conveys a sense of anxiety and frustration.

The pre-chorus highlights Johnathan Whitehorn’s desire to escape his current situation and the monotony of his life. He spends hours on the phone and struggles to sleep, wishing for something to change but feeling powerless to make it happen. He hopes for eternal sleep, suggesting a level of hopelessness and despair.

The second verse focuses on Whitehorn’s impending 21st birthday, which should be a milestone celebration but instead feels like just another day. He is resigned to a future of unhappiness, knowing that even if he gets a job, it won’t bring him fulfillment. He puts on a brave face when asked but deep down is struggling.

The chorus employs vivid imagery, such as “candy in the suitcase” and “hiding all my skin,” to convey Johnathan Whitehorn’s sense of insecurity and desire to hide from the world. He wishes he could be like those around him but feels like he will never measure up. The repetition of the chorus emphasizes the weight of these feelings and how they are ever-present in his life.

Built on an atmospheric sonic aura, and a haunting mellifluous vocal, “twentyone” is a deeply personal and introspective track that speaks to the struggles of growing up and trying to find one’s place in the world. Musically, “rip goop-roy.mp3” is the antithesis of the previous track. Boisterously bombastic and wildly energetic, “rip goop-roy.mp3” runs with the rhythmic propulsion of a runaway train on steroids.

The track is ingeniously carved from the Dariacore set of aesthetics, invented by Jane, also known by their two handles Jane Remover and leroy. It is a style of electronic music that moves at the speed of light, combining a mishmash of pop hits and cartoonish samples, with often-overwhelming breakdowns, and far too many subgenres for you to be able to discern where one style begins and another ends. p3rsona! takes those sonic aesthetics to the next euphoric level on “rip goop-roy.mp3”.

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