Avolver – “1986” – Igniting the Scene with Rock Prowess and Nostalgic Energy!

Secunda, South Africa has birthed a dynamic rock duo that refuses to be confined by the ordinary. Avolver, a two-piece powerhouse, has been rocking the scene with their electrifying performances and an unmistakable sound that resonates deep within your soul. Their debut EP, “Monster,” released in 2022, received widespread acclaim, propelling them into the spotlight and establishing their undeniable presence in the music industry. Now, with their highly anticipated follow-up EP, “Madness,” Avolver is ready to enrapture audiences once again, setting their sights on a year of unforgettable musical brilliance.

Avolver’s music embodies an essence that is both raw and contagious. It pulsates with a raw power that harkens back to the golden age of rock, while infusing a refreshing contemporary twist. Drawing inspiration from the timeless classics and modern influences, Avolver has crafted a signature style that seamlessly bridges the gap between nostalgia and innovation.

But it is on the stage where Avolver truly becomes a force of nature. Their live performances are nothing short of a sensory explosion, an auditory and visual feast that electrifies every fiber of your being. With every strike of a chord and every thunderous beat, Avolver sets the stage ablaze, igniting a fervor among the crowd that is simply irresistible. Their passion for their craft is palpable, and their dedication to creating an unforgettable experience ensures that each show leaves an indelible mark on all who bear witness.

Currently, Avolver is flaunting their latest pop-rock single, “1986,” a testament to their ability to defy categorization. In an era where the rock genre has seen few notable names rise to prominence, Avolver emerges as a glorious anomaly. Their music refuses to be confined within the boundaries of a single scene or genre, instead engulfing them all in a swirling storm of sonic artistry.

“1986” surges forward on the backbone of a pulsating drumbeat and muted guitar strums in the verses, before exploding into a gritty and bombastic chorus. Here, experimentation converges with the immense power of rock, as the vocals soar with vintage pomp, leaving you breathless in its wake.

The lyrics of “1986” evoke a sense of nostalgia and yearning, painting vivid images of a bygone era. The early morning airwaves scream with dragons and robots, only to be swallowed by the embrace of a deep, deep sleep.

The calm before the storm is palpable, something so sweet it becomes imaginable. Late nights paint our color screens, a testament to the memories forged during that golden time. Avolver beckons us to take a trip down memory lane, to be transported back to the titular year of 1986.

The chorus of “1986” invites us to pump our fists in the air and dance under the flickering moonlight, defying the limitations of time. Though we may acknowledge that our time has run its course, Avolver assures us that we can still find solace in the power of music.

Together, we can sing and revel in the shared memories that unite us across the years. The band’s longing to return to 1986, where it all began, is a testament to the enduring impact of that formative time. It was in 1986 that friendships were forged, innocence was preserved, and the seeds of Avolver’s musical journey were planted.

Avolver’s “1986” is a rock anthem that transcends its own time and place. It captures the spirit of an era, channeling the reckless abandon and youthful exuberance that defined that formative period. Avolver, the anomaly in the contemporary music scene, delivers an experience that defies genre boundaries, enveloping them all in its wake.

With their high-octane performances and irresistible charm, Avolver stands at the precipice, ready to conquer the hearts and souls of music lovers worldwide. So let us take a moment to close our eyes and allow Avolver to transport us back to 1986, a year that lives on forever in their music and in our collective memories.

 Avolver has tapped into something extraordinary. Their music possesses the ability to transport us to a place where nostalgia intertwines with modernity. With their unrivaled live performances and a sound that resonates deep within our souls, Avolver has firmly etched their name into the current scene. As we eagerly await the release of their forthcoming EP, “Madness,” we can only imagine the electrifying journey that awaits us. So, let us embrace the madness, surrender to the music, and allow Avolver to carry us away on a sonic voyage like no other.


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